The Secret

of land

Nesso Coffee uses the highest quality, pest free, seeds which become the finest coffee beans. Lovingly cared for by our experienced farmers in the Boloven highland in Laos, our seeds benefit from a beautiful climate which offers the perfect conditions to cultivate the seeds.

The Secret

of cherry

Coffee yield is called with a very delicious name: cherry. Ripe cherry has juicy red color. The cherry beans are the main secret in giving the best taste to Nesso coffee.

Cherries grow in bunches and the cherry berries do not ripen at the same time. To make the finest quality coffee, the farmers harvest the ripe berries and leave the immature ones. This is why Nesso cherry is picked by hand. Each berry is individually selected carefully.

The Secret

of Roast

Following extensive research, Nesso experts have developed a method of roasting that retains the full original flavor of the coffee bean allowing customers to experience a beautiful fragrant taste. Nesso experts are passionate about coffee and each coffee blend is unique which is brought about by the special roasting methods used by Nesso.

The secret

of Kcup

The Nesso K-Cup capsule is designed to protect the high-quality coffee from humidity and bacteria ensuring each capsule retains its freshness. You can experience the unique flavours of a KCup capsule and be confident it will taste amazing every time.







If you want to create an exciting culture and image with your employees, business partners and customers, Nesso coffee, at a reasonable cost, can offer a sophisticated solution with our range of Nesso Cafe machines. Colleagues can be creative and exchange ideas at the Nesso Cafe Corner.



Nesso can play a vital part in creating unforgettable moments for your guests. Choosing Nesso KCup shows your commitment in providing the highest quality products to your guests. Whether in the lobby, guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, bar, at breakfast, lunch or dinner, you need a delicious coffee solution. Nesso will provide your guests with a perfect single cup of coffee every time.


Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Do you want to make the best impression with your customers? Nesso KCup is the only solution. At Nesso Café, our objective is to provide the best products and services to our customers. What about you?

Choosing Nesso means you are supplying the finest coffee products to your customers. You and your customers can make the perfect cup of coffee to every single time. Will they choose milky heaven, or sugary sweet, will they personalize their coffee to match their personality?

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